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Enable companies to establish a productive online presence; create interactive experiences for the www, CD-rom, kiosks, etc.; share my knowledge through teaching, corporate training, and speaking.


I am an expert Photoshop user, proficient in Director, DeBabelizer, Quark, Premier, Netscape Enterprise Server, PageMill, SiteMill, GoLive CyberStudio, Claris Home Page, BBEdit and many other programs. My platform of choice is Mac, but I have significant experience with PCs (Win 95 and NT), and SGI.
Cyber Element
3.98 - present
Cyber Element is my new web design company. We do web page design, interactivity, graphics, animation and database integration.
University of Denver
9.00 - 12.00
As an adjunct Professor, I taught Designing Social Awareness. This was an advanced web design class. The students created websites for non-profit organizations. They were required to meet with the "clients" assess their needs and provide a final website to them that they could use. It provided real wold experience in dealing with clients and deadlines. They expanded thier knowledge of how to design and implement websites at the same time.
Arapahoe Community College
6.98 - 8.98
I taught GDI 260 Web Page Design (Mac/PC). The class teaches students how to create pages, formatting images using Photoshop, Adobe Image Ready and other image editing software. The students had a working knowleged of HTML, and could create and implement websites and manage them upon completion of the class.
Unidata, Inc.:
4.97 - 1.98
I was the Webmaster/Multimedia Artist at Unidata. I created 3 distinct websites for Unidata; a corporate internet, corporate intranet, and an objects internet (for the object technologies division). My job entailed: web sever maintenance, page creation, including all image creation and animation, content updates, user interface design and standards, graphical standards, web based applications, online solutions and corporate training.
Executive Telecard:
4.96 - 4.97


I was a member of the eGlobe team, a subsidiary of Executive Telecard. My responsibilities included site design, creation and implementation of all graphics and standards, HTML coding, JavaScript coding, implementation of CGI and PERL scripts, functional design, maintenance, graphical support for marketing and logo design. My roles included multimedia artist, webmaster, information architect, graphic designer and programmer.
Paramount Digital Entertainment:
8.95 - 3.96


I filled several roles in this contract position, including interface designer, multimedia artist, project manager and web designer. My responsibilities spanned the creations of web pages using HTML, VMDL and VRML, "look and feel" of project, corporate demos, working prototypes, 3D walkthrough environments using Virtus Walkthrough Pro, texture maps for virtual environments, animated web site using Shockwave, research technologies such as QTVR, Shockwave, VRML, various VR Software packages and discuss licensing details with other companies.
Domark Software:
5.94 - 8.95


My position at Domark required me to take on many roles, including interface designer, multimedia artist, graphic designer, producer, and product manager. My main functions were to design graphical user interfaces, create the artwork, and program the prototype for the software engineers. My biggest projects were Out of the Sun (Mac), and Flying Nightmares (3DO).

Create original artwork
Prototype game spec
Acquire rights to copyrighted materials
Design manuals, sell sheets, coffee mugs and other PR materials
Purchase appropriate software and hardware
Coordinate design efforts between marketing and outside design houses
Photograph various objects and people for projects
Create models and animation in Alias on the SGI
Provide cross-platform artwork for various projects.

Additional Experience
I have taught ballroom dancing on and off for 10 years. I have taught various web design classes, and contributed articles to WebTechniques Magazine.
BA Computers in Art and Design, Research and Education received from San Jose State University in May 1993.

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