Out of the Sun
A WWII flight simulator for the Macintosh. I designed the interface, functionality of the front end, and the graphics.

Flying Nightmares
This was another flight simulator for the 3DO machine, based on the Harrier. I designed the interface, functionality, and created all of the graphics.



December 1994 edition of Inside Mac Games:

"Out of the Sun is strictly Macintosh and has one of the most graphically enjoyable and unique Macintosh interfaces of any game I've come across to date."

Computer Player March 1995:

"The graphics succeed at being realistic, and the various cockpits are authentic right down to a girlfriend's photo taped to the panel. Graphics for areas of the game outside of actual flight are also effective and welldone."

Inside Mac Games Update Volume 2 Issue 2:

"On the plus side, the start of the game (where you choose your missions) has some beautifully drawn graphics, including incredible detail shots of the aircraft. The pre-game maps and diagrams are second to none."


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